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Mouthpiece Trumpet Bach 3E

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Genuine Vincent Bach mouthpieces are the best available in the world. Bach mouthpieces are designed to meet every conceivable playing need and have for nearly three quarters of a century. A Bach mouthpiece will make a poor instrument play well, a good instrument play better. Volume and excellent intonatoin; ease of response in the high and low register; rich, uniform timbre throughout the range; resistance calculated to increase the player's endurance - these characteristics explain why the best professional artists choose Bach.


Cup Depth: Shallow
Approx. Cup Diameter: 16.30mm
Rim Shape: Slightly wider, lowered to outside.
Description:Preferred by players who want a large mouthpiece but with a shallow cup. Facilitates high register.

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  • Product ID: 21385192
  • Supplied By: Cosmo Music

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Mouthpiece Trumpet Bach 3E

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