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Head Drum Evans 20" EQ1 Frosted - 019954920159

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The EQ bass drum system offers an endless amount of sound combinations that will adapt to your musical situation. EQ heads have a removable internal overtone control ring on the inside of the batter heads and an internal overtone control ring on the resonant heads that eliminate unwanted overtones, increase attack, and control the amount of sustain from your bass drum. The batter heads feature a removable EQ overtone control ring that is held in place by an internal flap. If you are playing in a situation where you need a more open sound, you can remove the EQ ring without damaging the head. You can return to your original sound by simply putting the EQ ring back. The coated EQ batter and resonant heads will reduce some of the overtones as well as increase attack, and also give the front resonant head a unique retro look. An EQ patch is included with each EQ batter head for increased durability.


- For Bass Drum

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  • Product ID: 20837637
  • SKU: 019954920159
  • Supplied By: Cosmo Music

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