La Crosse Technology Hybrid Solar Desktop LCD Alarm Clock - 04740659038

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Compact for desktop or nightstand placement, this LCD alarm clock enjoys hybrid battery and solar power for energy efficiency. The Equity by La Crosse 65093 Solar Desktop Clock absorbs light with its top-mounted solar panel to convert into power. By operating off solar power during daylight hours, the clock extends the life of its batteries to upwards of two years. The alarm clock's LCD relates the time to the second in black digits; AM and PM indicators signify hours before and after noon. In the upper right corner, the display toggles between the alarm time and indoor temperature, offered in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The date by month and day is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. To wake sleepers, the clock sounds an ascending alarm, with a snooze function for reluctant risers. Alarm and snooze icons on the LCD inform the user that these features are on. In dim or dark settings, an on-demand bright green backlight illuminates the screen. Users set the time, turn on the alarm, and hit the snooze with the function buttons on top of the clock. For optimum efficiency, place the clock in a room with adequate daylight exposure. This item requires the separate purchase of two AA batteries.

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