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X-Cell-R8 (energy booster)

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X-Cell-R8 Vitamins & Nutrition Supplements at SHOP.CA

Vitamins & Nutrition

contains 120 capsules

World's leading energy booster helping to increase energy and endurance.

A combination of chelated magnesium-potassium aspartate, this compound acts in multiple ways to increase endurance and energy:

It decreases ammonia production which is a by-product of muscle contraction; ammonia is a leading cause of fatigue

It enters directly into the energy producing cycle in the body's cells

The aspartic acid carries magnesium directly into the cell where it participates in energy production*
It changes the electrical activity in nerves making them more responsive

The X-Cell-R8 nutritional supplement can provide benefits and energy increases for many people, including athletes, working mothers, busy executives, active grandparents, and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients. At least 80 to 90 percent of people who try this product have an increased energy level.

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X-Cell-R8 (energy booster)

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