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Soya Boutique SOYSILK Healing Balm (5 diff blends)

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Soya Boutique Skin Treatments at SHOP.CA

Skin Treatments

Dynamic Essential Oil Blends for lips, cuticles and body:

Baby-safe, eco-friendly and all natural soy healing balms made from organic lavender, lemongrass, tea tree, bergamot, clove and peppermint are the answer to common ailments such as fatigue, eczema, nausea, cold sores, colds, scrapes and bruises. Calming and stimulating SoySilk healing balms, will inspire you and your child's mental energy and promote tranquility. Not just for the lips and cuticles for moisturizing and healing. With the art of massage and the science of aromatherapy, healing balms turn into a powerful holistic remedy. By using a little balm on the fingertips, gently massage temples, forehead, shoulders for relaxation, foot soles for tired tots and key areas that will even stimulate "synaptogenesis" (the development of brain cells) and the immune system. The Soya Boutique is a trusted source for the lastest developments in longevity products. Do not use if you have topical allergies to soy. Vegan, Eco-safe, Recyclable packaging.

Pure Peppermint: treatment of cold, flu, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, fever, headaches, mental fatigue, stress and vertigo.

Lemon Clove: treatment with antiseptic properties, for upset stomach, awakening, mind clearing.

Orange Lavender Peppermint: treatment of mental fatigue, hypertension, depression, vertigo and insomnia.

Orange Lemongrass Peppermint: treatment of anxiety, poor circulation, stress, acne, athlete's foot, cold, flu, and can be used as insect repellant.

Tea Tree Bergamot Peppermint: treatment of cold, flu, cold sores, cuts/scrapes, acne, depression, anxiety, and mental fatigue.

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Soya Boutique SOYSILK Healing Balm (5 diff blends) Customer Reviews

Soya Boutique SOYSILK Healing Balm (5 diff blends)

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