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Gidget Loves Milo Canada

Gidget Loves Milo is a Toronto-based dress brand that blends thick and comfy cottons with bright colours and fun styles. You won't find it in a department store , Gidget Loves Milo is exclusive to SHOP.CA!  


All Gidget Loves Milo dresses come from a single manufacturer and are lab-tested to meet North American standards. Every style is machine washable. Why? Because cake happens.


Who is Gidget?

Gidget is 20 pounds of troublemaker squeezed into 7 pounds of doggie princess. She's charming, spunky, fussy, bossy and smart. 


Who is Milo?

Milo is Gidget's brother and protector. He acts like a teddy bear – and is about as smart as one too. But being a few wags short of a wagon doesn't take away from his zest for life. 

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