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CSI - Crime Scene Investigation - Sex Crimes/Serial Killers (Special Edition) 6 captivating episodes from the hit series. Sex Crimes: Slaves of Las Vegas Grissom and Catherine investigate the apparent violent death of a woman found in a sandbox. Their investigation leads them to the underground world of s and m clubs. Meanwhile, Warrick and Sara are called to a crime scene to investigate a shoot, which initially appears to have taken place during a robbery. Lady Heather s Box Grissom connects two murdered male escorts to dominatrix Lady Heather; Catherine s daughter, Lindsay, is trapped in a sinking car. Snuff Catherine is called in by a pornographic-film developer to view graphic footage from a snuff movie in which a woman is brutally slain. Grissom investigates an ant covered body that s been dead over a year. Serial Killers: 1-15 Murders A woman is abducted from a supermarket. In the store, Grissom finds a bathroom stall door that claims five women have been killed. Warrick is caught in a casino on duty and is paired with a reluctant Sara. Their case is the apparent murder and robbery of a man who is found to be his brother. Nick gets pulled in by his prostitute friend who gets in a scuffle with hotel security. The Execution of Catherine Willows Fifteen years ago, Catherine helped put a man on death row for the rape and murder of a coed at a nearby college. The man is about to be executed when he s granted a stay based on new DNA evidence. When bodies turn up at the school, killed in identical manners, it s thought the killer might actually be on the loose. What s Eating Gilbert Grissom? The killer from The Exectution of Catherine Willows returns with deadly results. The entire team is engaged in a race against time to stop this sadistic killer from succeeding again. Grissom is additionally distraught by the idea that this killer is smarter than he is.

Blu Ray Region: region_a
Dvd Region: 1
Language: English
Number Of Discs: 2
Runtime: 240
Studio: Alliance

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