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Unexplained, The (Dvd)

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Take a shocking journey into the heart of phenomena that have captivated humankind for centuries with this special collection of true-life tales of THE UNEXPLAINED.THE VAMPIRE MYTH: Since the times of ancient Egypt, cultures have whispered terrifying tales of undead monsters that feed on the blood of the living. Now, discover the unsettling truth behind the myth as you enter into the shadowy realm of vampires, past and present, fictitious and horrifyingly real.POLTERGEIST: Are they demonic forces from another world? Or are the bizarre manifestations called poltergeists an unknown form of psychic power projected by unaware human beings?EXTREME SACRIFICE: Would you give your life to save someone you knew and loved?or risk injury or death to save a complete stranger? Experience the astonishing true stories of individuals who literally put their lives on the line when faced with this fateful decision.SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION: Embark on an exploration of this most-baffling of all paranormal phenomena, as you probe the hotly debated subject of spontaneous human combustion.(These programs contain mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.)

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Format: dvd_video

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