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Skinny B**** Body is the next step in transforming from lazy lump to Skinny B****. Utilizing the ancient practice of yoga to strengthen and elongate major muscles, this 60-minute program offers an alternative to traditional weightlifting with postures that require a full range of motion and deep breathing.Four, twenty minute sections focus on the key Skinny B**** areas abs, arms, butt, and legs. Kick it up a notch with weights you want to be a Skinny B**** not a scrawny B****! In Skinny B**** Abs, were gonna get rid of that kangaroo pouch once and for all! Youll be flashing your new flat, sexy stomach around at every summer party. In Skinny B**** Arms, youll work through a progressive series of moves thatll tone up your arms to show off in those super sexy cocktail dresses youve been dying to wear. In Skinny B**** Butt, were gonna whip your can into shape! Our Baby Got Back shaping exercises will give you a dumper you can bounce a quarter off of. Through a series of standing, floor, and resistance exercises well help you create a high, tight tush to die for. In Skinny B**** Legs, our expertly designed routine will take your legs from tree-trunk to traffic-stopping in no time!By the time were done with you, youll love your new body!

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