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Imagine a serial killer who flatlines his victims and then brings them back to life over and over again, until they beg to die. Beautiful psychic investigator Maya Casteneda was his last victim and swore vengeance on her tormentor before she escaped. Now The Cusp is back, and the FBI taps Maya to help capture the elusive monster. Maya soon discovers the only way she can locate The Cusp is to enter his head. The danger: if Maya dies in the killers brain, she dies in real life! Like The Cell before it, The Cell2 is a mind-blowing mix of fantasy and reality, science-fiction and thriller that enters a place of fear and power like no other: the thoughts of a psychopath. Chris Bruno (The Dead Zone), Frank Whaley (World Trade Center) and Bart Johnson (High School Musical) co-star.

Actor1: Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, Frank Whaley, Bart Johnson
Format: blu_ray

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