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The Ten Commandments - The Musical The story of Moses from the bible in musical form, filmed live at the Hollywood Kodak Theater.

Through the magic of musical theatre, one of the world s greatest stories has been reborn. With a stunning new vision, The Ten Commandments: The Musical brings to life the gripping tale of two brothers, Moses and Ramses. United by love, divided by destiny, they lead their two nations in an epic struggle between slavery and liberty. The Hebrews were slaves in Egypt 3,300 years ago. When Moses, a Hebrew baby raised as a brother to the Egyptian prince, learned of his true origins, he was thrust into a new life, leading his people to freedom. But liberty was not enough. To survive and thrive, they had to abide by the rules of their God, The Ten Commandments. The story that has inspired billions of people now becomes a call to the world for peace, love and brotherhood.

Blu Ray Region: region_a
Director1: Robert Iscove
Dvd Region: 1
Language: English
Number Of Discs: 1
Runtime: 120
Studio: Echo Bridge
Subtitle Language: English

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