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Unsolved crimes locked away in dusty file cabinets. Time is an ineffectual balm. Painful memories are left to a victim's loved ones. What happens when a killer gets away with murder?Thanks to the efforts of a special breed of modern detective, no one escapes the laws of justice--no matter how old the case, . With chilling episodes hand-picked by legendary documentary producer and host Bill Kurtis (American Justice), COLD CASE FILES: THE MOST INFAMOUS CASES gathers together ten of the toughest and most fascinating true crimes ever known to homicide. Combining the latest forensic techniques with old-fashioned police work, each episode takes a step-by-step look at how a mystery is finally solved and the culprit is ultimately apprehended.COLD CASE FILES: THE MOST INFAMOUS CASES explores these ten confounding cases:One Night on the BayouKiller in the CountyFrozen in TimeA Map to MurderThe Zodiac KillerThe Green River KillerWeepy-Voiced KillerThe Lady KillerKidnappedLove Triangle

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