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15 Fevrier 1839 (Frn)

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In 1839, months after the British army has repressed the insurrection of the Patriots, hundreds of rebels rot in prison. The morning of February 14, Marie-Thomas Chevalier De Lorimier and Charles Hindelang learn that they will be hung in24 hours, with three other comrades. While they await their hour of death the condemned spend time and consult with companions and loved ones as well as entrust to those their last wills. At dawn, the five Patriots find the courage to walk with dignity towards the scaffold, knowing that will they die in the name of a just cause.

Actor1: Luc Picard, Sylvie Drapeau And Frédéric Gilles
Format: dvd_video

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15 Fevrier 1839 (Frn) Customer Reviews

15 Fevrier 1839 (Frn)

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