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Cardio Cheer - Moves - Perform Like A Pro! Cardio Cheer - Movie - Perform Like A Pro! In Cardio Cheer s Movies, you ll tone your upper body while you make those high v s, daggers and reaches game-day perfect with former laker Girl Paula Abdul and Denver Broncos cheerleader Renee Herlocker Includes:- a complete workout routine that get your heart pumping, your muscles lean and boost your confidance - a five minute quick-fix routine that s perfect for when you want to pump up your energy - instructions and tips from Paula that will make each series of exercise more effective. Workout Tips ------------- - Moves are all about expression. Make sure your head is high and your smile is big. Have a blast! - All moves should be crisp and clean, so make sure you stick each move, making then tight and precise. - The MOVES routine will help create perfect posture, so stand tall, cheer stro ng and focus on long, clean lines. - Your moves have to match your teammates, so be sure to perform them excetly the same each and every time. - Do a brief walking or running warm-up before your MOVES workout to raise your core temperature and prepare your body for the workout.

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