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Alliance In The Beginning

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In The Beginning Martin Landau stars as Abraham in this sweeping historical drama of a man, his people and their faith. Centered on one of the oldest and greatest spiritual texts of the Western world, IN THE BEGINNING is a powerfully rendered film, retelling some of the most enduring stories from the Old Testament - those of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham and his lineage. Sacrificing neither power nor passion, this saga begins with creation and Abraham s call to find the Promised Land, then seamlessly weaves together the epic quest of a people through the lives of Isaac, Rebeccah, Esau and Jacob, the remarkable rise to power of Joseph. Moses and the burning bush, and the origin of Passover. World-class visual effects will awe today s viewers just as the actual biblical events awed those who first witnessed them. As the story culminates with Moses handing the staff of Abraham to Aaron, gazing upon the new land, there is sense that a new chapter in the life of the Jewish people is just beginning...with renewed hope, increased faith and promise for all generations.

Blu Ray Region: region_a
Director1: Kevin Connor
Dvd Region: 1
Language: English
Number Of Discs: 1
Runtime: 168
Studio: Alliance

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Alliance In The Beginning

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