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Titus: Spiritual Influence - 9780310280583

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DISCOVER HOW GOD USES ORDINARY PEOPLE IN EXTRAORDINARY WAYSConsider this: God wants to use you to impact people in powerful ways. How often do you reflect on your spiritual influence? It is unrelated to your title, position, human status, or worldly achievements. It is based on how closely you are connected to the heart of God and how faithfully you follow Jesus. Do the people you love see the life of God's kingdom flowing through you? In Titus, you'll discover how spiritual influence weaves its way through your friendships, your family, your church, the world, and every relationship you have. When the Holy Spirit is at work in you---an ordinary person---you are being used by God in extraordinary ways. Be a vessel for the divine. Let your integrity blossom. Every follower of Jesus has spiritual influence ... and God wants to use you for his glory.

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