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Good Sex 2.0: What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You about Sex: Student Journal by Jim Hancock - 9780310282709

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Sex is all around you. No matter where you look or what you listen to, chances are you're getting some kind of message about sexuality. And we're guessing that the messages you're receiving don't always help you figure out the truth about sex.Sometimes it's not any easier to get the truth about sex when you ask an adult in your life. We're just guessing...but if you did get the nerve up to ask someone about sex, you probably didn't get much of an answer (or at least not the answer you were looking for). The reality is, for most adults, the topic of sex can be scary to talk about---with anyone. But we're here to change all that.In Good Sex 2.0: What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You About Sex, you'll explore the truth about sexuality based on what God has to say about it, as well as what the latest research reveals. This journal will help you explore: * Sex Messaging: how to tell sense from nonsense in a sex-obsessed culture* Sexual Identity: how we come to understand and experience our sexuality* Intimacy: going out, hooking up, messing around, and genuine closeness* Desire: the difference between sexual appetites and human needs* Boundaries: how biblical principles and common sense can govern sexual choices for a lifetime* Responsibility: our sexual responsibilities to God and each other* Do-overs: what it means to receive mercy and restoration from GodAs you spend time in this journal, it will bring up the tough questions, open up honest dialogue, and help you see how your sexuality fits into God's plan for your life.

Author: Hancock, Jim
Binding: TP
Desirability: 239
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing Company
Subject: Christian Theology - Ethics

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Good Sex 2.0: What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You about Sex: Student Journal by Jim Hancock - 9780310282709 Customer Reviews

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