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Being Right: Conservative Catholics in America - 9780253209993

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" Being Right is a significant book and a good read for anyone seriously interested in contemporary American religion." --Nova Religio

"It will be very useful to historians, challenging to theologians and indispensable to anyone trying to make sense of the bewildering variety of Catholic presence in the contemporary United States." --American Catholic Studies Newsletter

" Being Right maps the mental universe of this internally diverse group and offers basic insight into how they see things... " --The Reader's Review

"Editors Mary Jo Weaver and R. Scott Appleby and their collaborators immerse us in a roiling sea of contested assertion and testimony." --First Things

"An in-depth look at these groups, both as they see themselves and as they appear to trained scholars." --David J. O'Brien, College of Holy Cross

"Compliments must be given to Weaver and Appleby... who were able to recruit a distinguished, yet impassioned, group of essayists for this work." --Journal of Church and State

Whether they focus their criticism on pro-choice rhetoric and artificial birth control or the removal of religious symbols from public squares, the Catholics profiled in this book agree that the contemporary church is in crisis.

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