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Church on the Couch: Does the Church Need Therapy? - 9780310283911

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Though most church leaders crave authenticity in their congregations, most also know it is an elusive goal. People by nature are self-protective. And although the gospel message that we are all sinners saved by grace ought to make people more real, the truth is many of our churches are plagued by fakeness. This inauthenticity hinders spiritual and emotional health and maturity. So what's a church leader to do?The key, says Elaine Hamilton, is to go beyond talking about doing things differently. We have to act and live differently. It begins with leaders; the people will follow. We need to tell the truth about who we really are, and then provide forums for others to do the same. Church on the Couch helps you take practical steps toward changing the culture of your church. As the masks come off, the healing and growth will begin.

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