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The Syntactic Phenomena of English - 9780226556291

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This second edition of James D. McCawley's classic textbook offers in one volume a complete course in the syntactic structure of English. New to this edition are sections on appositive constructions, parasitic gaps, contrastive negation, and comparative conditional sentences, as well as expanded coverage of cleft sentences and free relatives. The presentation is coherent, comprehensive, and systematically organized, beginning with an overview of McCawley's approach to syntactic analysis and progressing through the major constructions and processes of English grammar. No prior special knowledge of syntax is presupposed, and the number and variety of exercises after each chapter have been increased.
And now available from the author "Answers to Selected Exercises."
Instructors using James D. McCawley's "The Syntactic Phenomena of English, Second Edition" may request a complimentary copy of "Answers to Selected Exercises in The Syntactic Phenomena of English" by writing on their department's letterhead to the author, James D. McCawley, Department of Linguistics, 1010 E. 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637. Note: This material is available only from the author and is not available from the University of Chicago Press.]

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