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Infectious Nietzsche by David Farrell Krell - 9780253210395

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"Infectious Nietzsche is simply one of the most interesting and engaging works to appear on Nietzsche's philosophy in years."
--David Allison

Krell explores health, illness, and creativity in the life and thought of Friedrich Nietzsche. Drawing on a varied literature of philosophical reflections on health, and analyzing Nietzsche's confrontation with traditional values, Krell skillfully engages the legacy of Platonism and Western metaphysics that is at the core of Nietzsche's thought. Nietzsche's genealogical critique, his doctrine of eternal recurrence of the same, and the Nietzschean physiology and psychology of decadence are principal foci. Anyone interested in a philosophical reflection on questions of genius and pathology, and all readers of Nietzsche, will find Krell's new book compelling reading.

Author: Krell, David Farrell
Binding: TP
Desirability: 2
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Subject: History & Surveys - Modern

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