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Health Psychology - 9780138952440

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Psychology Books

This book explains the timeless wisdom uncovered by psychology and other social sciences about the meaning of health, illness, and optimal health care. It provides a conceptual integration of the most important relevant research of the whole 20th century, as well as discussing the most important recent findings--but is not a complicated research compendium. Throughout, the biopsychosocial health psychology model is explicitly contrasted and compared to the traditional biomedical model. The Theory and Methods of the Field of Health Psychology. The Psychophysiological Basis of Health and Illness. The Social and Cultural Basis of Health and Illness. Belief, Pain, and Healing. Stress and Illness. Personality and Disease. Quality of Life and the Self-Healing Personality. Adaptation to Chronic Illness. Dying, Death and Grief. Tobacco, Alcohol, and Illegal Drug Abuse. Nutrition, Exercise, and Prophylaxis. Patient Cooperation (Adherence). Communication between Patients and Practitioners. Health Care Professionals and Hospitals. Socio-Medical Ethics, Utilization, and Goals for the Future of Health Psychology. For anyone involved in health care.

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