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The Homebrewer's Companion - 9780060584733

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More great advice from Charlie Papazian, homebrew master and author of the bestselling "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing."

"Many ask me, 'What's different about "The Homebrewer's Companion"?' It's a book that I might have titled "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, Volume 2." The information is 98 percent new information, including improved procedures for beginning and malt-extract brewers as well as advanced and veteran brewers. There are loads of new recipes and useful charts and data that I continually refer to in my own homebrew recipe formulation (I still homebrew about 20 batches a year). My theme throughout is 'Keep it practical. Keep it useful.' I wanted to answer 10 years' worth of questions in this one volume. I did ... and I had fun doing it."

-- Charlie Papazian

Get the Most from Your Malt Easy-to-follow techniques and trouble-shooting tips Answers to the most-often asked questions A guide to world beer styles Useful facts on fermenting, yeast culturing and stove-top boiling Charts, tables, support information and much, much more Over 60 exotic recipes to try -- from "You'll See" Coriander Amber Ale to Waialeale Chablis Mead

Make sure to check out the third edition of "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing."

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