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Ms. Typed: Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships and Find Dating Success - 9780307408013

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Figure out how your dating personality is sabotaging your relationships-and become the type of woman you were meant to be
Are you one of the many confident, attractive, and successful women who often end up in unsuccessful relationships? Do you find yourself behaving in your relationships in ways that don't accurately reflect who you really are? Do any of these women sound like you?:
- Ms. Second Place: She allows herself to be a low priority in a man's life.
- Ms. Sex Machine: She settles for physical intimacy when she really wants an emotional connection.
- Ms. Soul Mate: She so wants to be in love that she mistakes every date for "the one."
- Ms. Drama Queen: She only dates bad boys and unavailable men.
- Ms. Mom: She makes it a priority to fix her man's life instead of her own.
- Ms. Anaconda: She's so needy, she suffocates every man she dates.
- Ms. Independent: She's been hurt before and won't let her guard down.
If you recognize yourself in any of these types, don't be discouraged. In "Ms. Typed," you'll learn how to be the woman and partner you're meant to be-through uplifting stories from other women, and a "Ms. Typed Makeover" that leads you step-by-step through the process. Dr. Michelle's smart advice is sure to give you a fresh outlook on dating and guide you toward loving, fulfilling relationships.

"From the Hardcover edition."

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