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The New York Times Ultimate Crossword Omnibus - 9780312316228

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America's Favorite: "The New York Times" Crosswords
The biggest book of crossword puzzles-ever From" The New York Times," the gold standard of crossword puzzles, comes this new collection containing a stunning 1,001 puzzles of all levels of difficulty, enough for even the most determined crossword fanatic.
Old fans and new alike will find that the puzzles within are sure to excite, delight, confound, amaze, amuse and enlighten. So lay in a supply of food, unplug the phone, bar the door and get ready to dive into the biggest collection of "New York Times" crosswords that has ever been published.
- Over three years' worth of puzzles from Monday to Saturday editions of "The New York Times"
- Edited and with an introduction by legendary "Times" crossword editor Will Shortz

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