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Patternmaking: A Comprehensive Reference for Fashion Design by Sylvia Rosen - 9780130262431

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Written by a seasoned professional Fashion Designer, this comprehensive reference covers all the technical aspects of developing precise professional patterns for garments. The focus throughout is on the procedures and principles of "professional flat patternmaking using Basic Slopes" (i.e., Pattern Blocks, Master Patterns, or Foundation Patterns), and on cutting and testing each completed pattern in tissue, pinned on the form completely marked. The exceptionally clear and visually detailed illustrations can easily be understood by readers "without" having to read the accompanying text. All the patterns diagrammed are shown in the exact stages and sequence of development--from plot to completion--including all necessary markings, such as punch holes, notches, seams, and grain lines. All About Patterns. Introduction to Pattern Making. CAD. Preparing the Form for Measurement. Drafting Basic Slopers from Measurements. All About Slopers. Sub-Sloper Development. Dart Manipulation: Pivot and Slash (Bodices; Skirts; Sleeves; Collars: Concave, Convex, and Straight; Flat and Stand Variations; Sleeve Bodice Combinations: Fitted and Deep Armhole Variations; Shirt; Suit-Coat; Capes and Hoods; Pant--Culotte-Shorts; Jumpsuits; and Dresses). Garment Details--Construction and Finishing (Buttons and Buttonholes; Seam Finishes; Hem Finishes; Buttons, Hooks and Eyes, Snaps; Basting Stitches). Figure Analysis: Bodytypes. Overview of the Fashion Industry. For fashion design students, professional designers, and anyone in the business of fashion design, regardless of their level of expertise.

Author: Rosen, Sylvia
Binding: SP
Desirability: 6
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
Subject: Fashion

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