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Architecture Theory Since 1968 by K. Michael Hays

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In the discussion of architecture, there is a prevailing sentiment that, since 1968, cultural production in its traditional sense can no longer be understoodto rise spontaneously, as a matter of social course, but must now be constructedthrough ever more self-conscious theoretical procedures. The development ofinterpretive modes of various stripes--post-structuralist, Marxian, phenomenological, psychoanalytic, as well as others dissenting or eccentric--hasgiven scholars a range of tools for rethinking architecture in relation to otherfields and for reasserting architectures general importance in intellectualdiscourse.This anthology presents forty-seven of the primary texts of architecturetheory, introducing each with an explication of the concepts and categoriesnecessary for its understanding and evaluation. It also presents twelve documents ofprojects or events that had major theoretical repercussions for the period. Severalof the essays appear here in English for the first time.Contributors: Diana Agrest, Stanford Anderson, Archizoom, George Baird, Jennifer Bloomer, Massimo Cacciari, Jean-Louis Cohen, Beatriz Colomina, Alan Colquhoun, Maurice Culot, Jacques Derrida, Ignasi de Sol?-Morales, Peter Eisenman, Robin Evans, Michel Foucault, KennethFrampton, Mario Gandelsonas, Frank Gehry, J?rgen Habermas, John Hejduk, DenisHollier, Bernard Huet, Catherine Ingraham, Fredric Jameson, Charles A. Jencks, Jeffrey Kipnis, Fred Koetter, Rem Koolhaas, Leon Krier, Sanford Kwinter, HenriLefebvre, Daniel Libeskind, Mary McLeod, Alberto P?rez-G?mez, Jos? Quetglas, AldoRossi, Colin Rowe, Massimo Scolari, Denise Scott Brown, Robert Segrest, JorgeSilvetti, Robert Somol, Martin Steinmann, Robert A. M. Stern, James Stirling, Manfredo Tafuri, Georges Teyssot, Bernard Tschumi, Anthony Vidler, Paul Virilio, Mark Wigley.

Author: Hays, K. Michael
Binding: TP
Desirability: 60
Publisher: MIT Press (MA)
Subject: Criticism

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Architecture Theory Since 1968 by K. Michael Hays

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