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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop - Champagne

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Vacuums & Floor Care

Aside from his handsome looks, many unique features shape bObsweep's impressive personality:

  • The capacity to mop the floor simultaneous to vacuuming and sweeping; 
  • The unique UV light capable of simultaneous disinfection and sterilization of the floors; 
  • HEPA filtration for absorption of allergens and other sub-micron particles; 
  • RoHS certificate (free of material hazardous to the environment, humans and animals) Programmable weekly schedule; 
  • Auto charging, auto-resume, extra-large dustbin, remote control, dirt detection, adjustable speed, etc. 


You might wonder how bObsweep, while automatically sweeping and mopping the floors, avoids obstacles like furniture and walls? Will he be able to see the wall looming up in front as he sashays along? What if it falls off the stairs and gets damaged? Don't worry! Bob is equipped with a built-in self navigation system which allows him to work without hurting himself or damaging your furniture. Watch Bob in action to see how he turns away in sight of an edge or a set of stairs.


bObsweep is designed to recharge himself when he runs out of juice. As soon as he feels tired and he knows he is running out of charge, he glides to his charge-up station and fits himself into it if he can find it. After a short nap, he’s ready to start cleaning your floors again! Check it out for yourself:

Remote Controlled

As independent as bObsweep is, among his features is his remote control which allows you to have him clean exactly where you want. It can also be used to set Bob on different cleaning modes and control his other functions. Bob's remote control is fun to use and you can make Bob go where you want him, when you want him. Granted you cannot use the remote to make Bob do the Cha Cha, but you can use it to move him in different directions as you are laying comfortably on your couch. Here is a fun video that demonstrates some of Bob's remote's capabilities. 

Warranty & Repair

We want to ensure that the purchase of bObsweep remains among the best decisions you ever made. It is therefore our priority to provide you with exemplary service and support. Once you purchase bObsweep, you are entitled to an excellent customer service by our helpful staff, 30 days money back guarantee, one year warrantee, five years subsidized repair, and a lifetime of product support. Just make sure you register your bObsweep within 2 weeks of receiving it.


About bObsweep

We, the creators of Bobsweep, have come a long way in designing our masterpiece ‘Bob’. What started as a vision years ago has today actualized into an excellent cleaning companion for everyone who prefers not to spend her or his time cleaning floors. We take pride in the fact that our intelligent floor cleaner is a blessing to many households in Canada. Our mission is to deliver high-quality and environmentally-friendly products that make your everyday lives easier. We are committed to providing an excellent experience to our customers, with both our superior products and our exemplary services.

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★★★★☆ (6)
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